Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WWI - “Web War 1”

"Computer bugs bring down military e-mail systems; oil refineries and pipelines explode; air-traffic-control systems collapse; freight and metro trains derail; financial data are scrambled; the electrical grid goes down in the eastern United States; orbiting satellites spin out of control."

^^This is what a cyberwar would look like. =/

This sounds more out of control than the wars that we have read about in our history books. The scariest part about all this destruction is at the end, the identity of the hacker/attacker may remain anonymous. After reading this article on cyberwar: war in the 5th domain, the future of our country, and the rest of the world, basically can be destroyed through hacking, spam, and viruses, all simply through the World Wide Web.

Cyberwars are not anything to joke about I don’t think. I mean, one government hacking into another government, trying to get dirt and whatever else they can get, it seems right out of the movies. The world today is almost completely run off technology and the limits of hacking and spamming are nonexistent.

“Mr. Obama has quoted a figure of $1 trillion lost last year to cybercrime—a bigger underworld than the drugs trade, though such figures are disputed.”

^^^THAT IS INSANE!!! I had no idea and i'm sure majority of the people are not aware of this statistic either. I guess our debts don’t only come from huge corporate world budgeting.

Another thing I found interesting in this article is that before hacking was about “making noise” or marking your territory. NOW it is more silent, meaning on the sly, muzzling secret information, espionage, etc.

Cyberwar really does ultimately take a toll on all of us people. The government holds all our information, and we trust in them to keep our records safe, but with this issue of cyberwar at hand, it really scares the hell out of me. We are concerned about facebook tracking, but what about another government or country taking our identity? and who knows what else.

Considering this world to be a digital and technological arena, I say that a glitch in the system is far scarier than an actual war. Think about it, with online government virus/hacking, those hackers are hitting the CORE, America can lose face to some extent, right? Violators can get away, it can be harder to prove who did what. Don’t get me wrong, bloody traditional war is disgusting and definetly more devastating and tragic. But simply thinking about a digital universe, if that’s all we know, a glitch can ruin us and wipe out everything our country has ever recorded. (I know, a bit dramatic, but anything is possible these days.)

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  1. That's a very interesting cybercrime figure. I'm shocked that it is that much. Of course, when you think about it, I wonder what costs they are including? For example, maybe these costs are including prevention costs? Think of how many people purchase virus protection and how much people are paid in order to keep security tight. I could definitely see how such a number could spiral out of control quickly if the right factors were taken into account.