Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WikiLeaks or WeakLeaks?

"While companies can adopt best practices for information management, such as limits on the amount of material an individual can download, there is no technology to guard against a determined rogue individual. In the end, it comes down to the trust of your employees. Their loyalty is what [counts]."

Trust. Do we believe everything we read? Do we believe everything that people tell us? Of course not, we chose to believe things depending on the source and how reliable we may think it is. WikiLeaks provides us with information that we should or should not know. Is this information always 100 percent true, or is it just weak information?

When Turow says that you need to trust your employees, he couldn't be more right. With pretty much everyone having access to the Internet, and then the smart ones who can get other information that the rest of us might not be able to obtain, and make it available to all of us, that can cause some major trust issues.

I think that there is information that is posted all over the Internet that isn't true, and its basically put up there to get a reaction. I believe that there is information out there that can be beneficial and useful to all of us, but the choice is what we chose to believe. If society believes everything that is posted on the Internet, it can cause some major problems. I think that if society has a good grasp on what to believe and what not to believe, then it should be OK for them to see the information from these sites, but they also need to know that they might not always like what they are about to read.

My mom always said, somethings are just not your business. But once you cross that line and choose to make it your business, then its up to you on how to figure out how to handle it.

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