Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DDOS has been used against companies that are not in support of WikiLeaks. This has caused what we call a cyber war to break out. Even though information is free on the internet for everyone to see, I believe that WikiLeaks is a bad thing and should not be allowed. The governments documents are kept secret for a reason and parts of them being released can lead to people not understanding what was meant by them and twisting them to mean other things Large companies working against WikiLeaks is good for our society. There is some information that the general public just can't handle and is the reason why it is kept secret. DDOS is used to support WikiLeaks by attacking those companies. This is going to cause problems for the general public by taking down the websites that they use on a normal basis. I feel that DDOS and WikiLeaks should be shut down due to the way the information is received and distributed and the problems it can cause for others.

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  1. I agree with what you are saying about information being released to the public that should be kept private. I also think that the people who post things online need to become smarter. Technology is crazy nowadays. Students can email homework assignemnts to other students through email, and get caught for plagarism. If there is information that the public cannot handle, then it shouldn't be posted on the internet, with the chance someone else can get ahold of it. The private information needs to be saved somewhere else, and it might resolve some problems.