Thursday, March 17, 2011

     Once again, I have not followed too much of this Wikileaks stuff, so I feel a bit out of the loop. But if I could compare what I do know to Wikileaks, I'd say it's similar to those cop dramas - NCIS in particular - when they go looking for a mole in their midst.

"Top managers need to have the mindset that information security is important and work collaboratively across internal divisions to preemptively plug sources of potential leaks."
      So, is Wikileaks valuable to democracy? I think not. In fact it is quite dangerous - not only in a business sense, as the above quote would suggest, but also when considering national security. Take, for example, the reconnaissance plane that went down in China. US Troops were unable to physically destroy the hardware, and the Chinese were able to successfully restore some, if not all, of the information on the hard drive. While the plane crash was an unfortunate accident, it goes to show what the right information could do in the wrong hands. It forced us to create new strategy and a new operating system, built better than the one before it.
While premeditated leaks and other types of unauthorized disclosures are nothing new, he adds, digital technology makes it much easier for "one disgruntled individual" to unleash massive troves of information almost instantaneously.
     Like the above quote suggests, all it takes is one ticked off employee for your most precious information to be posted on the internet for all to see - and that doesn't just mean your strategy, but also your private, internal emails. I don't think that person is entirely to blame though. In The WikiLeaks Battle: Should Information Be Shared or Censored?, it's mentioned that Julian Assange isn't the one responsible for posting all the information he had - it is instead the fault of the people who gave it all to him. I agree with this 100%, and feel that leaks need to be prevented at the source to better protect our democracy. There are things we don't know, and it's for a good reason. I agree with some of the posts before mine, meaning that we want those secrets kept for our own safety! 

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