Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Net Neutrality

Before this week's reading assignment I had never heard of net neutrality. I did not realize service provider's were trying to put "bans" or "price tags" on our freedom to search-view-enjoy the web.

Companies should not have the right to ban net neutrality. It does not benefit anyone except the pocket books of these companies who will be profiting from the ban. As far as I can tell, leaving net neutrality open is not harming anyone. This is strictly a money-making scheme set in place for companies.

It is not fair to charge access to certain sights or be told what or when or at what cost you are allowed to view sights. How does this benefit society when it comes to struggling college students who are trying to better themselves and therefore better society, yet may not be able to do so because the bans in place are too expensive? It doesn't!

It also will effect the economy. Small businesses that cannot afford to out-bid the bigger companies will not be the sights people are directed to. Which could lead to losses of small companies and jobs. Not to mention, online shopping may change a great deal if you are only capable of viewing certain sights.

In my opinion it is a bad idea to ban net neutrality. Lets not help the already rich companies become richer and in the process give up some of our freedoms.


  1. Is it really a basic freedom to have full access to the internet? Cable television has tiers, why can the internet service not have the same?

  2. When it comes to better ones self yes it is. The last time I checked most do not use the television to help with school work....Having the ability to negatively affect someones future is a loss of a freedom, removing cable tv or charging more for it, will not.