Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Net Neutrality

I believe the net should stay neutral, however I fear it will not. I can see it being like the story of TV. At first you didn't have to pay anything to get every channel in the area. Then cable came out and charged you to see more channels. Eventually you would have to pay for your local channels, national channels, premium channels, and music channels. With each addition it would cost you more. I can see this happening with the net, right now everything you can access is free. In the future you may have to pay for additional features, like Youtube, VoIP, Netflix, or even Facebook.

The basis behind net neutrality is should the protocols by which you receive information be changed per website. Like if Bright House gets paid by Microsoft to have Bing as the preferred search engine, BH might in return make Google slow enough to the point you'll go to bing or another search engine.

Right now the Net is working well without any interferences. If it comes to a point where you'll have to pay different rates for different activity most likely we'll just say ok and pay. We do now when it comes to speeds of the internet. When I first got HSI it was 7Mpbs, after a couple of years the internet at home seemed slower than at school or for my father, at work. So we ended up paying $10 more a month to get speeds up to 20Mpbs and now they have 40Mpbs for another $10. lol

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