Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Net Neutrality Must Stay!

People ask me all the time, "What did you do before Facebook?" I think about it, and what did I do? Then I remember, "oh yeah, I had a Myspace, and before that it was AIM and used my AOL email address." I used to spend all of my time on AOL. Thank God I wasn't in college before the Internet was so easy to access. What would I have done when it came to researching?! Or when I would have to sit through a lecture without being able to use the Internet on my cell phone? It is so crazy how much we all rely on the Internet. If the service is slow, or we don't have a good connection, we become beyond annoyed and get very irritated. Most websites we visit are free. There are some websites that if you want to view certain photos or read certain information, you will have to pay a price. I don't think that users should have to pay to just use the Internet. If you want to access a site that may be private, than you will have to pay for that, but to make someone pay for just surfing the Internet, I don't agree with that. We have to pay for the connection of the Internet, and sometimes it isn't even that great of a connection. So then we will be paying for a crappy connection and paying to use the Internet when it isn't even going as fast as we would prefer it to. Overall, I think that the Internet should remain free. If certain providers are going to block certain websites, or not run as fast as others, I think the public should know this information. We are allowed free speech, and I think if the Internet starts monitoring what is available, they are beginning to slowly take away that right. I found this helpful when trying to figure out the real meaning of Net Neutrality.


  1. I apologize for the super long paragraph, for some reason it wasn't saving when I put the spaces in for different paragraphs, I never had that problem before. I apologize again for that!

  2. Iagree with your post the internet should remain Free, as we already pay to have the connection. If a site wants to charge a fee for you to review or look at something then so be it. But we dont want the internet to be how we had free TV, then Cable, then cable decided depending on what channel you wanted to watch how much it wold cost.