Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Net neutrality Helps Capital Expansion

The openness of the internet has allowed for business, creative, and democratic growth. Openness is what has driven the internet to being such a useful tool for everybody, not just the financially able. Net neutrality is central to keeping the openness that has allowed the worldwide connectivity that characterizes the info age. This openness to information has allowed for business, creativity, and democracy to flourish. By eliminating net neutrality the info world would de-evolve, and become just another service like cable TV. It will also affect business growth sparked by the web.

The massive content and openness of the internet changed the way we used to receive information, communication, and entertainment. The internet wasn't just another service like cable TV or the newspaper. It was a revolution of information, access, and outreach. This revolution allowed for business access online. In the status quo you are able to pay your bills online, order from far-away companies, and reach overseas customers. Facebook and ebay are great examples of how the internet has advanced business. Needless to say, net neutrality allowed for business growth. Further, sharing information enabled ideas and information to expand creativity. For example, forums, videos, and info websites have allowed further creations to emerge. Youtube has helped spread ideas about music, political systems, and even ecological innovations. Creators are able to use the openness of the internet to share ideas and also to acquire them. This creativity also helps business growth. Lastly, the internet has allowed freedom of speech to become a worldwide phenomenon, even in censoring countries. Although having to go underground, citizens of oppressive nations are able to share their experiences and ideas and rally against their governments. Even in the U.S., the internet has allowed groups to find each other and unite for common causes affecting them. Net neutrality has allowed democratic values to spread around the world, even if at a dangerous pace.

If net neutrality is eliminated business, creativity, and democracy will suffer at the expense of a few companies. The restriction of having to pay to have access to other business would deter people from becoming potential customers or entrepreneurs of online business. This damages business growth. Creative ideas would not be able to be shared to further creative pursuits. Thus, inventions in all realms would potentially be undermined. Creators without the financial means to be paying for each service would lose opportunities that have the potential of being capitalized. Due to restrictions of access countries with repressive governments and without democratic values may take longer if at all to open to the capitalist market. Protesters or people interested in bringing about change in these countries would have a harder time gathering support from the global community. Companies lobbying to eliminate net neutrality will enjoy greater profits, yes. However, at their expense lays the opportunity for unprecedented capital growth in other areas such as small businesses, creative ideas and inventions, and the spread of democratic values, which, in and of itself, could allow for even more business expansion. As a result, eliminating net neutrality is more damaging to a capitalist market than a few monopolies not enjoying greater profits.

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  1. What are you referring to as the 'status quo'? Are you referring to the current setup where the consumer covers the destination fees for their connection?