Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Copyright and the music business

Copyright music has been a hot topic since MP3s have been in mainstream use. This is a great article on classical music and the copyright use of it

We get a lot of music sent to us from bands that are up and coming or really trying to get their name out there. We also have deejays who play remixes sampled with copyright music. However, a lot of that type of music is trying to show a creative twist. Others have been burned by copyright and not getting their money due for using or sampling their music.

Unlike Napster, many media companies have entered negotiations with YouTube to try to resolve copyright issues up front. Although every deal is different, copyright infringement issues are usually resolved by paying royalties to the offended party. In this case, Universal and YouTube actually entered such negotiations. With the filing of the lawsuit, it obviously didn't work out. The reported problem was the fact an unreleased Jay-Z music video appeared on YouTube. Obviously, Universal felt its thunder had been stolen. (

There are many times where artists are trying to get paid for their work. That is all. But there will be a constant vigil of record labels that will make sure they get paid too. Suing people for not paying for copyright music will solve nothing. The problem is here and it will not changed. It has changed how music is sold. Radiohead's last two albums have been sold online and you pay whatever price you want. The laws are still unclear and you will continue to see that with music online.

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