Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I've considered this week's readings from both sides of the coin and I have to say I'm pretty one-sided on this topic. Copyrights should be protected from infringement. The internet should not provide an avenue of exception to this rule.

I believe the internet is harming copyright owners and their livelihoods. If I were the owner of material with a copyright it would be upsetting to see how easy the internet makes the copyright almost null and void. I have personally seen how often P2P music and movie sharing takes place. I, as one of these artists, would be pissed if my hard work was stolen in such a manner.

Artists and others who would like to use material with a copyright should take the appropriate steps to get permission to do so. I do not see how obtaining this material illegally is bettering our world, artistically speaking. Artists that choose to obtain this material without permission should consider how they would feel if their finished piece were then illegally obtained from them...Theft is theft no matter what spin you put on it.

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