Thursday, February 24, 2011


Today we are in the middle of another "war" against "piracy."

The Internet has provoked this war.

How you might feel as someone wanting to use copyrighted material in a video or other work…

If I thought about using copyrighted material in my personal work, I would (truthfully) just rip it, but only bits n pieces of it. I would get creative with it, as creative commons states. That stupid little C can cause many legal issues, after watching the creative commons video, it felt like we had someone on our side. lol

…and as someone who owns copyrighted material that someone else wants to use in THEIR work. Where do you stand?

I guess in this case, it would only matter to me depending on what that other person is doing with my work. For the most part, I don’t think I’d make a huge deal with lawsuits or anything. If I post or share something online of mine with copyright infringements, I would probably also state that if you want to use my stuff contact me for clear footage. I realize what I post online is all public and there are immense amount of ways to rip my work. I’m all for creativity an sharing just not complete plagiarism.

Some of these changes come from the law: some in light of changes in technology, and some in light of changes in technology given a particular concentration of market power.

The internet may be harming copyright owners a bit, but for the most part I don’t think so. Why? Because everything is digital and online now, and privacy/piracy as we’ve discussed before is almost nonexistent. I also feel that if you are going to post your copyrighted video online, than you want people to see it, you want it to be shared. The more views you get, the more popularity your video gains. More so, depending on how many views your video gets, more than likely people will want to create something similar to your video to gain the same/similar recognition. Am I making sense?

I do not think that all this copyright business is killing creative industries, instead I think all this ‘exclusive’ material is actually sparking more creative fever. Given, not all of it may be positive thoughts (because there are some terrible people out there) but many of us look to special videos to gain knowledge and experiment with videos and things on our own. The more barriers we see, the harder we try to break them, and ultimately learning that breaking code is a genius in itself.

Remixing and reposting, I think, does outweigh the harm for video content, because as I mentioned videos get posted online in hopes of it going viral. People want hits and views because that how they gain popularity and at some point profit off a successful original channel. When a fan reposts an artist’s video he/she is trying to spread the word not thinking about harming the artist themselves (probably). Many videos deal with humor, and also a lot of times fans are trying to catch their favorite artists attention.

As far as remixing copyright material making our culture better? I don’t see how that correlates. please someone feel free to explain or elaborate on that aspect for me.


  1. "Because everything is digital and online now, and privacy/piracy as we’ve discussed before is almost nonexistent."

    Great point. Everything is digital and therefore available to anyone at any moment.

  2. Lots of interesting ideas here, though keep in mind that under fair use, a person could use your (copyrighted) material legally without your permission. So, someone you completely disagree with could use your video or song to promote their ideas without asking you as long as it meets fair use requirements. Do you think that's OK?

    I'm also not sure I understand your final sentence. Remixing video and music, such as using samples in hip-hop or creating fake movie trailers, are examples of using copyrighted material in a way that some people don't agree with. So the question is whether there is a good argument for allowing it to happen legally, because it enhances our culture in some way?