Thursday, February 3, 2011

Technology-Induced ADD


As stated in this article "We face the same dilemma the Greeks faced 2,500 years ago. A new-fangled thing called writing was causing a problem for the Athenian philosopher Socrates. This technology-induced ADD is worse in the young, but all ages are affected by the ubiquitous digital medium, which is becoming the universal platform for all our communications.

In almost all the articles I reviewed on this subject all mentioned "The technology-induced ADD.

My co-workers and a few friends assisted me in a little experiment to see how long they and there children could go without being on the internet, emails, texting, Face book, twitter, etc. After work hours of course in place of all the digital media they were to read the paper, a book, look things up the old fashion way, call there friends and family, write letters, manual do math problems. It was quite interesting a couple of folks didn't even last 1 – day, a few others just couldn't take it any more after 2 – 3 days, as they stated they need there fix almost like a junkie, and a very few others lasted the whole week.

Of course I don't really know if any of the ones that last the week cheated or not, but I do believe

They didn't. The kids did not last even a day; they had no idea what to do with themselves or how to even look up a book at the library without the computer. Some were we need are internet and everything else, the ones that lasted the week, stated they did admit how much they missed just sitting down to read an article, book, or paper. They each found there self's reading the whole article vs. scanning like they do on the internet. Along with them each had a little harder time doing normal math problems by hand vs. a calculator.

Actually I'm on the fence the internet does give us great advantages of more knowledge and information, then you could possible get my reading, unless you did nothing but read. But on the other hand for school age kids they should be taught first on how to write a paper without spell check, do research at the library, and just think for there self without the internet, Don't get me wrong, the internet is a wonderful tool but there something's that you just need to learn the old-fashion way.


  1. I like the idea of still doing things the old fashion way. The question is how do we manage to get the younger generation to do things the old fashion way when the internet is so prevalent? Or, can we make the internet a productive tool for learning?

  2. I don't think children nowadays will ever be able to go back to the old fashioned way of researching. The internet is such a big part of everyones lives now. It is strange to even see someone that doesn't have internet on their phone. It would be nice if some research could be done the old fashioned way, but I'm not sure it would happen anytime soon.