Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Piracy has really hurt the music industry in many ways. When people pirate music it leads to the industry not making the money that they can potentially. This steers people away from wanting to produce more music when it is just being stolen from them. I'm sure that the majority of those who pirate music is the college crowd. This seems like a better option for them because it saves them money from having to pay $1 for every song they want.

After watching The Remix Manifesto it is seen that people take samples of popular music to make their remixes for the public. I see no problem with this happening because it is creating brand new music for people to listen to. If they were just taking the music and not doing much of a change to it then I could see a copyright problem. This relates back to the creative commons where we found out that if music is taken in small samples that they should be free from copyright because they are creating new content and not copying old music.

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