Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An Interesting Surprise

Lawrence Lessig states that there is no way to "kill this technology", in reference to the internet and media piracy. I agree with him, but it's important to remember there will just be new technology. Remember net neutrality? Those against it are trying to do exactly what Lessig states is impossible- destroy the technology that gives us our freedoms. Streamlined internet services, preferential treatment, and blackouts of whomever the monied interests dislike all loom on the horizon.

Essentially, I find our current copyright system bullshit. Over 4 million dollars to legally create a GirlTalk song? Happy Birthday is illegal to sing at restaurants and businesses without a license? Any system that can be twisted in this way and have governments be "alright" with it is terrible.

As a music listener myself, downloading music has been my main source of finding and expanding my musical interests for years now. When I take an album from a friend to check out a new group, I don't feel like I'm stealing. I'm experiencing. Do I like this album? Do I like these lyrics? Would I spend money to support this artist's craft? Then I'll spend my hard earned money on their material. I'd gladly spend $25 on a quality band t-shirt than $15 for an album.

Maybe the artists need to make art for art's sake.

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