Monday, April 4, 2011

Itunes = $1 Napster= FREE

Right now, I am sitting in a study session with my softball team. There are 15 girls on the team, and currently 10 of us are listening to music. All 10 of us are listening to music on either our iPods made by Apple, or listening straight from iTunes. One girl on the team is listening to music from Pandora. None of us are listening to a CD or CD player. We have a "warm up" music that we listen to before games, and the beauty of that is that we can plug an iPod into an auxiliary cord and edit the playlist whenever we feel like it. Cd's are old news, and not many people still buy them, or use CD players to listen to music. We either download the music from sites such as Napster or Frostwire where we can get the music for free, or we purchase the songs from iTunes. I can say that I have over 1000 songs on my iTunes, and I have probably purchased about 50 of these songs. The rest have been downloaded. "Though Napster promotes its service as a tool for unknown bands to promote their music, the vast majority of songs traded through the service are illegally pirated copies of copyrighted songs by established artists." Everyone tries to justify why its OK to download music and share files with one another. There is really no way to justify it. It is illegal and its wrong. These artists are losing money, and nothing is going to stop it. Napster has over 9 million users, you tell me how they are going to stop 9 million people from downloading music illegally? I am not perfect, and I can't say that I won't download music illegally again. I know I will, its the easier way out. Its free and its right there with a few clicks of a button. Just because its easy, it doesn't make it right. The music industry has changed in many different ways over the past years, and one of the main reasons is because of the Internet and what is made available for people. When there weren't iPods, file sharing wasn't as big. You would go to the store, buy the CD, and then play it in your CD player. Some cars are even going away from having a CD player in the automobile, because they aren't as common anymore. Things have definitely changed for the way we look at music, but for the artists, they have to find a new way to make up the money that they are now missing out on due to the lack of people buying their CDs. So while the artists are losing money, we are gaining their music for free. How fair is that?

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