Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On Privacy Response

I think that Mr. Schmidt’s quote is a very self serving one, especially since he is in the information business. The same view is shared by the people who think that the police should be allowed to search people without warrants. Their logic, the same as Mr. Schmidt’s, if you have nothing to hide it shouldn’t be a problem. I have certain rights, one those is the right to privacy, regardless of the reason.
As far as the loosening of privacy controls, our reading assignment tells us that the future will belong to the companies who can compile massive data bases with the help of user input. Which puts us all at a disadvantage as companies will require us to part with more and more of our personal information in the future. When you sit back and think of it, how much of your life is already on Face Book for all to read, and how many times has Face Book changed their information sharing policy over the last few years revealing more and more about us.
Some of the privacy issues can be directed at large companies, but a lot of the issues can be traced back to the individual user. How many of us unwittingly tell the world where we live, where we work, when we go on vacation, who our friends and family are, and how to find us. If someone wanted to rob you or do worse most of us could easily be tracked down.
There are certainly external issues that need to be watched, but we also have to take into account our own actions and what we can do to prevent too much information being left out there.


  1. definitely need to watch our own actions when we have that control. i mean yes its true that somethings are put on the web and you wont even know about it because of third party shady business and who knows what else.

    but i like that you mention that alot of the issues can be traced back to the individual user. For instance FOURSQUARE. its basically a checkin site/app where you can checkin to public places and post it to the world. how UNsafe is that? imagine a stalkers joy?? not only can you post where your at in REAL TIME but you can also state who your with, which can not only put YOU in danger but whoever may be with you. touchytouchyvery riske' nonetheless its reached over 200millionbillion some hits last i checked up on this a few months back.

  2. I totally agree with the fact that WE need to watch what we do! Considering most don't read the paragraphs about privacy of Facebook. Most of us just scroll down and click "OK" so we can see our profile. We try and rush things along. Also I agree that Facebook is constantly changing the policies so we continue to get annoyed and just click. These allow other people besides our friends to see them. Also the APPS Facebook has, if you allow the app permission it can accept friends on your behalf. But you also have to remember that even if you have your Facebook locked down hackers can still get into it if they want via you IP address.

  3. Another example of watching what we do involves a post my wife did on Craigslist. She listed a piece of kids play equipment that we had for sale in our back yard online. She got a call on Friday afternoon, she immediately gave the person our address, both our work schedules, and told them that we were going up north for the weekend so they couldn't see it until Monday.

    I kept thinking all weekend we were going to come back home and find the item stolen from our back yard. Fortunately it wasn't, but a lesson was certainly learned.