Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Clike "LIKE" if you want privacy on the internet.

Can you life be private anymore? The answer is no. Between computers and cell phones you’re never far away from the Internet, which is the worlds water cooler. Privacy can be defined as many things. From someone watching you in your house to someone following you on twitter. Google CEO Eric Schmidt has said, "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place." That’s true, whether you know it or not you are being watched. Ever wonders how the ads on you computer pop up? How they are talking about things you may like? It’s because the sites you go to are tracking you interests then displaying ads per those interests. If you put on your facebook your single on the side ads all sorts of online dating sites are shown, that’s how Mark made his millions on his “free” site.

When you use your computer you have this thing called an IP address, it’s like your social security number. It can be traced back to you instantly. So even if you aren’t using any social media sites advertisers can still find out what you like by the sites you visit. Every social media website is making it easier to allow other people to watch and follow your every move. Let’s say you post something of Facebook you have to go down to a little drop box and select who can see it, but during that time it’s up on the internet for anyone to see, or if your like my mom you don’t even know the option is there.

I have a Google Android phone and they allow applications to be put onto your device. The Android Market has thousand of apps that you can choose from, however some may be more than you bargain for. When you go to download an app Google let’s you know what the app needs control of. For example, Facebook syncing with you contacts. But let’s say you get a calculator app, under the “what it does” it shows it needs to read call state/identity, meaning the calculator app wants to know who is calling and who you are calling, I don’t think a calculator needs to know that.

In this digital era is it possible to gain privacy? I don’t think so.


  1. "Like!" I agree about the calculator thing... I always keep a close eye on what programs try to access what information, on both my Android and my PC.

  2. Nice thought. I keep forgetting about the phone applications I turn down.

    Remember, though, that much of that data is just used for aggregated research information.

  3. "When you use your computer you have this thing called an IP address, it’s like your social security number. It can be traced back to you instantly."

    i know people who have had crazy issues with their IP. and honestly if your IP has any sort of problem your pretty much screwed one way or another. and getting a new one is a whole new process. privacy doesnt exist on these mobile and internet junk honestly. one way or another things are being collected for market research or tapping into ur phone or computer to fix things or even viruses streaming. there are SO many ways to hack into ANYTHING. SIGH

  4. Great comment about Android phones. Another cool feature with them is that when you allow automatic updating for apps, if the dev changes any of those permissions it will notify you before it updates the app so you're aware. That way developers can't take advantage of users by sneaking around permission agreements.