Wednesday, April 13, 2011

White Flight!?

In"The Not-So-Hidden Politics of Class Online", the author is fearful that the social groups and minorities not taking up facebook will be left in the dark due to their "social divisions"manifesting online. Hegemony at its finest.

Why is it that the facebook crowd is the norm, and the other networks are the social minorities? Sure, they may have an audience that is considered "minority" by our social standards, but only when compared to the NORMALNESS of white, suburban America. There's no call to embrace myspace or orkut, spread from facebook onwards, or ignore it all together. Only to assimilate these minorities into the most popular social tool of the day. "Make them come to us" seems to be the goal here, not understanding or embracing very real cultural divides, but ignoring them and their legitimate differences to sustain the traditional values, goals, etc. held by our society.

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