Thursday, April 14, 2011

Facebook or Myspace, which is better?

I'll be completly honest with you, probably the only reason I got a Facebook was because a girl I wanted to get to know more didn't have a Myspace. At the time Myspace was easier to use and more customizable, which I believe it still is. Both Facebook and Myspace have their pros and cons. For one of my friends who is trying to make it into the music world, his Myspace allows him to do that more neatly then Facebook. Facebook is much more for professionals in my opinion, it's not customizable, no fun colors, no music when you click on profiles, just blah!

I have both a Facebook and Myspace and the only one I actually sign into is Facebook because that's where I have more of the my friends. The thing that I don't like about these social media sites is that people will either ask you or accept you as a friend but if you try to go and talk to them at school, their like "Ugh, who are you?" All they cared about was how many friends they had. For them it's a competition. I got so fed up with all the drama that one day I just deleted almost everyone. I went from 600 friends to 250, I think it what I have now!

As far as race and classes on the social networks, it's not going to be any different on there as it is out here. If you like or don't like a certain race your not going to on the internet. For classes the thing about Facebook being for higher up classes is not true. I live in Redford and their is nothing High Class here! It's either low or middle class and we all use Facebook! SO where are the rich going to run to know on cyberspace!?


  1. I joined Facebook, not to be cool or trendy, but actually to keep in touch with classmates. It does help in communication for classwork. Agreed though MYSPACE changed the exposure of unsigned bands. The best part is bands don't have to pay for a website when they can host their music on MYSPACE for free!

  2. each social network has its perks i guess. i never got a myspace but ive always heard ppl relate it back to musicians. on facebook musicians have pages though which they can post music and spread word about upcoming tours n etc.
    your comment about social networks and awkward friendships are very true, but thats why just dont add anyone you know will act in that manner with you. and of course theres always the option of delete which youve taken advantage of lol