Wednesday, March 23, 2011

tvphonepaper the future

I personally don't think that the internet will take over the television market. Sure the internet is faster and easier to find what you want to watch and you can watch it when you want, but it won't kill television. I feel that it can only help television, they can intergrate them into one beautiful piece of equipment. Google is starting this process with their new Google TV. This brings together you cable provider and the internet. You can search for the news, weather or to just see what is on.

As far as newspapers are concerned, yes I believe the day of printed newspapers is coming to an end. It may be unfortunate for some people but just think of the possibilities. You can get the news and coupons on your cell phone, tablet, computer, and iPod. You can then "clip" coupons and just send them to the register. Near field communication could make this possible. Allowing you to just send the info as you approach the register, and heck if your credit card info is in your Linkphone you can have paid the bill too!

I believe that the way television brought sound and video together, newspapers, internet, and television can be brought together to give us the greatest thing since the cell phone!

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  1. Much better than the cell phone, to be sure ;). Instant audio, video, everything...