Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How the Internet has killed newspapers

The Internet has removed the need for traditional media because it allows its users to join in social networking and other information sharing. The web allows anyone to use its services 24/7 instantly. The fact that the Internet has real-time updates and audio/ video channels has made traditional media, such as newspapers, archaic and cumbersome. All of these benefits undermine the best feature of the web's information, it's free! Simply put, the Internet has revolutionized daily life.

Traditional media, specifically newspapers, have been replaced. There is no point in buying a newspaper because it is wasting natural resources and is not up-to-date with current news. The cost of operating print-based media is much higher than virtually-based media. In addition, with the decreasing customer base of newspapers, print-based media loses value to advertisers. It has without a doubt been replaced, as shown by investments. In 2010, newspapers devoted $1.6 billion less annually to news. If news companies want to survive, they will have to convert their print-based services into web-based services.


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