Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Human Flesh Search Engine? I feel that this idea is crazy. The fact that it was allowed is a surprise to me. I know that there are many videos on the internet that people seem as unethical and that the cat examples that we read are the extremes of them. The fact that people do this though and then put it on the internet is the reason why all the hate comes towards them. I feel that since they are dumb enough to put it out there for everyone to see then it is fair game for people to use their resources to punish them. They also should be taken care of by the proper authorities or government because the acts they did are completely wrong and deserve to be stopped.

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  1. I saw the human flesh search engine to belike an open forum, so i guess thats why it was allowed. but moreso it was uncontrolled bc it was on the internet and in a forum type manner, where anyone can comment post etc.

    i strongly agree with your comment that basically people set themselves up for bs like the cat video. but on the other hand, that lady perhaps knew she was gonna be hunted down for considering she was like MIA ...