Friday, February 18, 2011

Trolling Unit Preparing for duty!

So you all probably have heard of the Great Eminem Chrysler 200 Commercial . Now for us a residents of the "Motor City" we all probably LOVE the commercial. I know it brought me goosebumps when I watched it for the first time! So naturally I went to youtube to watch it over again. To my surprise it was the number one video for this week! So after reading the prompt for this week I went down and looked at the comment left by others. WOW there were a lot of trolling happening there! For example, I have a comment here from the 3rd comment page. I'm warning you their is some vulgar language used in the comment but it shows about Trolling, "

@aeonjoey Look JOEY, I didn't ask for your opinion and just because you're all hung up on eminems cock doesn't make you cool. I use to think eminem was cool, till he got off drugs now he's a studddddering rich prick.

Also Detroit sucks. Crime is high not because jobs are hard to find. Crime is high because people there suck. As far as the "syfu bitch" that's what I say to your mom before I insert my dick."

Although you can click on this guys name and go to his profile how do you know if this is actually him?

I myself have been a victim of trolling. I don't know if you have ever heard of, but it's a site that you can ask questions either anonymously or with your username. So you can probably get the picture of where this is going to go. Now you don't have to answer a question someone sends you but it will still be asked. This site has caused problems with not only me but some of my friends. For me it was just juvenile shit but for my friends it was serious.

What we can do to combat these negative effects? In my opinion censorship. I mean if that happened it would probably be taken out of control by government but this stuff is serious! Besides the threat of a cyber attack this would have to be the second worst thing that could effect people on the internet. This not only effects one person but people!


  1. Yeah, I've never seen a Formspring that didn't have some trollish comments on it. Tumblr has an "ask" feature that baits trolls similarly because it allows you to ask questions anonymously. Personally, I think it's your risk to take when you subscribe to a service that's based on revealing your personality.

    You say censorship is the solution. Who, exactly, should be censoring trolls? How could we keep up with them? Are you really suggesting that every Youtube comment should be individually moderated? Doesn't that violate the first amendment? Where do we draw the line between deliberate trolling, insulting comments, and misinterpreted but harmless discussion? Censorship seems to open up an interminable landslide of issues. Personally, I'd rather deal with trolls than have my rights taken away. I have to say I strongly disagree, unless you can clarify your opinion further.

  2. What do you mean "censorship"? Who is supposed to be responsible for censoring every form of online communication? Is censorship really okay in the first place? I agree trolling can be a problem, but I'm not sure censorship is the answer.

  3. Direct Censorship, IMHO, is never the answer. The censorship that I have seen and like are + / - based post ratings system that create the winning situation for people to post positive comments.

  4. I meant censorship in the fact that you can't hide who you are. You would have to have an account or something to be able to do it. You can just go in there without being able to find out who you are. Or do like ebay does and let there be a rating system and if you fall below a certain rating you get kicked off or are penalized somehow. I agree I wouldn't want to lose my freedom of speech either but something must be done!