Thursday, February 17, 2011


As I completed this week's reading I was appalled by some of the stories especially cases like Mitchell Henderson's tragic one. Like many like me, the technologically-challenged, I was oblivious to a problem of this nature. Trolling, as new as the term is to me, is obviously a very large problem.

I wouldn't say I "blame" the web for producing trolling, as ultimately it is a problem created from people. I think the web just produced an avenue of outlet for some very messed up individuals. Whether it be extreme cases of trolling (people with obvious mental issues) or some young kids with nothing but time and immaturity on their hands, the one thing seems to be the driving force equally is the anonymity.

If anonymity were removed trolling would not exist. The cases of trolling range on such a wide level that its hard to state one exact reason as the cause for why people choose to troll. Some cases seemed like kids who, when provided the option of not being held accountable for their actions, were able to either bully from afar or antagonize a person who had bullied them. However, some of the cases of trolling were so extreme and disrespectful that the cause had to be some degree of mental instablility.

Whatever the cause, trolling needs to be stopped. Websites either need to remove the option to remain anonymous or closely monitor those sites that allow anonymity. To those users who abuse the websites anonymity with trolling websites should be responsible for reporting them to the proper authorities for punishment. And laws protecting people from trolling and punishing those who choose to go that route need to not only be in place but enforced. When we want a person to be held accountable for their inappropriate harmful actions, isn't that what the law is in place for? Shouldn't people be held accountable for their actions even when they do them from afar?

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