Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Privacy Settings Could Ruin Your Life?

I disagree with Google CEO Eric Schmidt's quote, "If you have something that you dont't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place." Everyone is entitled to have their privacy, and people should be wise enough if they don't want their information to be public, then they need to watch what they post online.

The other night I was watching "The Facebook Obsession" on CNBC and it was based on how Facebook has changed people's lives either for the better or for worse. This one lady was a high school teacher, and she had come home and posted a Facebook status about the parents of her students. The teacher didn't realize that her status was public and that anyone that had a Facebook could see her status. She hadn't checked her privacy settings so she didn't know it was set that all Facebook users could view her profile. She ended up losing her job over it, and felt that Facebook had ruined her entire life.

I think there is a difference between something being private, and something being secret. For example, teachers have tehir private lives that they wouldn't want their students or parents of those students to know about. That's their private personal life, and its their business. If a teacher chooses to put his or her personal life on the web, than they have to deal with the consquences that will occur if others see this information. I think that when the internet loosens the privacy setting, everyone needs to reevaluate what they are posting on the web. I have had friends that have lost jobs, or haven't been hired because of things that were posted on their Facebook. College coaches search student- athletes Facebooks to see if they are engaging in any activities that aren't allowed.
Here is the entire story with video

Overall, I think that the web has evolved a lot over the years, and it has been for the better. I think that people need to double check what their posting on the web before they actually post it. It is a lot easier for people to access information on others through the internet and in some cases it could result in causing major problems for the person who had posted the material. I don't think its reasonable for users to blame the internet for problems that occur due to things they have posted, I think that they need to take some responsiblity for their own actions and realize the consquences before they post something. If you post something that could "ruin your life", then chances are it shouldn't have be posted on the web anyways.

This story about the Facebook privacy settings really caught my eye and I thought it was interesting:

What do you think about the privacy settings online? Do you agree that people should watch what they post online? Or do you thinhk that the privacy settings need to be set higher and have more restrictions to certain viewers?


  1. Nice response Kristine. I definitely agree that there is a difference between secrecy and privacy.

  2. I believe that they should watch what they post online. Sometimes it is the first and only impression that people can get of you.

  3. I agree. They always say that the first impression is the most important. If someone doesn't like their first impression, who knows if they will take the time to see the real you.

  4. i think that teacher is a dumb teacher. As a teacher, she should know to do her research about such a website before jumping into it in such manner. its a SOCIAL NETWORK. I dont mean to sounds cruel because that really sucks, and i really do feel bad that facebook does this to many people, but she brought that upon herself.

  5. We may be entitled to our privacy, but at this stage is that entitlement practiced? Nope! When it comes to the internet and social network sites people with jobs of authority really have 3 options. 1) Create a profile that is truly "you." Monitor your status updates, photos, opinions, and friend list. If you want to post inappropriate content (or what may be legal, but inappropriate to an employer or student) be selective in your choice of friends.
    2) Create a fake profile. Allow only friends and family as viewers, and use an alias. Then, (I guess if you trust them, go nuts)
    3) Avoid social network sites completely..(sure you may be considered a loner or derelict, but we all have to make sacrifices)