Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to navigate privacy in Cyberspace

Flashback to a time where the only worry about privacy that you had was to just lock your front door of your home. Those days are long, long, gone. Now if you want to post your life out there you can do so if you chose to. What I find interesting is how Vannevar Bush dreamed of a machine that could vasts amounts of information at our fingertips but I do not believe he would foreseen what the government started using a way to keep in communication from a possible nuclear war into a standard that is part of everyone's life.

When looking for a job, as we all inch closer to graduation, we have to constantly filter and watch what we post. First impressions are what make or break us. The more people can know about "cyber you" the one that has posts about how much you hate sitting in traffic or pictures of you at a hockey game with a beer in your hand, the more people who are looking at your pictures and posts can make a opinion without knowing the real you, the hard-working college student. this site here helps with your navigate the privacy of the internet. There are many aspects of the internet that are still unknown. Information on the internet changes in the blink of a eye. When it comes to privacy, I believe the more the better. It keeps your true self in order and what is important around you personal.
When you graduate from college or whatever life takes you it is imperative to keep your personal and cyber life away from each other.

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  1. It has been really interesting lately to hear about all of the potential employers out there who, as a part of their regular background checks, search the social networking sites of potential hires for any unsavory pictures or posts. With so many of us constantly "connected" to the web, I think it can sometimes be too difficult to separate our personal selves from our "cyber selves." I don't necessarily think that employers shouldn't look at someone's Facebook page or Twitter account, but I think that as most of us, have little control over what others may write on our "walls" we shouldn't be punished for that. If we choose to post a picture of ourselves enjoying a drink with some friends, we shouldn't have to be worried about whether or not our employer will think we are alcoholics! Employers should take what they see or read with a grain of salt as these are only snapshots of an person and not the whole story.